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Dear friends of “Eco Bus America”,

New website

There he finally is, the new website of ”Eco Bus America”! With the great help of Vincent Berger from Mono Codes, we finally succeeded in creating this website. Just a bit of promotion for Vincent because he deserves it so much!

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Some of you may be surprised with this mail in his or her mailbox because they have never signed up for this newsletter. Those who don’t like receiving these emails can immediately unsubscribe to no longer automatically receive future emails from ‘Eco Bus America’, but of course I hope that many of you responded enthusiastically by seeing this email in the mailbox! I can tell those who do like these emails, that from now on you will automatically receive all new posts in your own language. The site is translated into 3 languages ​​and therefore also the newsletter.


First, I want to tell you that I have been nominated for the Sustainable Young 100 of 2019! I would like to invite you to vote for me. Voting is still possible until this coming Wednesday until 00:00 (Dutch time) so be quick! I am now number 19 out of 200 so that is a nice place but you can help me to get higher in that list! Thank you very much in advance! You can vote on: You can then click on the Dutch word ’stem’ and that’s it!


As most of you know, I have been working in the Netherlands since November last year to collect money and prepare myself for the trip to Latin America, where I will officially start my ​​project “Eco Bus America”.

Because I set the bar higher every day for my project, which is a result of my own growing awareness about the current way we treat this planet, I have decided not to fly to South-America but to sail there by stepping up at a sailing boat and sail there all the way crossing the Atlantic ocean. Everything I cán do environmental friendly in this project, I want to dó environmental friendly. Making my van 100% environmental friendly is now (still) beyond my reach. To reach South America in an environmental friendly way seemed to me something I cán actually do and isn’t blond my reach.

Finding a boat / ship is a long path of excitement and disappointment and so far I haven’t find a boat yet, but there are some options, one of them is ’Sail to the COP’, a very great project you can search up on the internet. Another option is to sail with a private boat to Suriname (but that is not ideal in terms of location) Even though nothing is sure, I dó believe in the fact that I will arrive on time with a sailing boat! The uncertainty is part of it and it makes it fun as well, because imagine the power you would feel, arriving in South-America in a sailing boat that you have all found by yourself and that you wasn’t sure about until you found it versus, taking a plane and knowing exactly what time you arrive and where…. During this period of searching and preparations I have learned a lot about sailing, simply by throwing myself into the world of sailing and I discovered it’s a very interesting world!

The book by Suzanne van der Veeken that I am currently reading helps me to get ready to start the boat-hitchhike adventure. If I haven’t found a boat before August, the journey will start by taking boat lifts from certain ports that are commonly used for that, such as a certain port in the south of Portugal (Lagos or Portimão) from which many boats sail towards the Canary Islands or the Cape Verde Islands around August. From the Cape Verde or Canary Islands I will then continue to hitchhike (on a boat) towards South America (Uruguay, Argentina or Brazil) but of course I prefer to find someone in advance.

The Van

Another part of the preparations is the van. It has been a big roller coaster until now. I will keep you informed, but until I have no clarity, I will leave not tell the whole story to you … The little info I can give you is that the VAN is in Peru and if it all goes well, which I believe it will, I can pick it up before the end of January from great people with a great project too! More about that later!

Thanks for reading the whole post! Have a look at my new website and don’t forget to vote! Thank you very much!

Lots of love!

Jorien Timmers

ps: This is a video I made for a Dutch sailing event in Amsterdam, named HISWA. If you click on subtitels you will find the English subtitles as well!


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