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Dear friends of ‘Eco Bus America’,

This is part 3 of the 3-part podcast about my experiences here in no man’s land between the border of Peru and Brazil. I have put some pictures below that go with the story. For more than just these pictures you can also check out my Instagram account where you will find a lot of content under the heading “Vlog” between my highlights. Haven’t listened to the first two parts of this podcast series yet? Then I recommend that you do so first.

Click here for part 1 of the podcast series ‘Nobody’s Land

Click here for part 2 of the podcast series ‘Niemandsland

Have fun listening to the third part of this podcast series!

CLICK HERE for part 3 of the podcast series ‘No Man’s Land


Stages from barn to true home kitchen
This is how I am now living in my kitchen under the carport
Samira and Israel in their house

everything by hand…
Vultures lurking
with the rubbish collectors
Rubbish dumped in the ground
headmistress of the school where I organise activities
Poster hanging!
cycling around with the sound box to let people know that an event is being organised
During a workshop in the school where I gave children the task of writing a story based on the piece of litter they have cleaned up
presentation in the school
Workshop making bags from an old T-shirt
Group of children after a presentation in the annex of the church
Migrants stay on the bridge in all weathers
Peruvian Police stop migrants with all their might
Migrants on the bridge
Roommate Tarantula
The neighbour’s favourite kitchen
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