I remember very well… sitting in a bus in Peru staring at the stunning landscape passing by… Suddenly the man in front of me throws the plastic bag with other plastic stuff in it that he just used to eat his meal, out of the window! I got so angry inside and thought… is shall I say something to him or not… I didn’t and right after leaving the bus i regretted that i didn’t said anything.. I started to notice this behavior everywhere and I got angry and thought.. I wound’t help telling everybody they shouldn’t through away their trash out of the window because they won’t really feel they WANT to change that behavior. When I saw the movie ‘Abuela Grillo’ later that month in Peru, I thought I should approach the problem by teaching about what the consequences are of all the plastic we through away.
going on and on talking to people I realized we should stop using plastic because even though we throw it in the bin, it will still be a big harm to our environment… That’s where I started my life living without plastic and step by step I started visiting schools, giving talks about this live, showing movies, giving workshops and playing music and I could say that from the moment I started this a lot in me changed and I feel I am really living my passion at the moment, facing this problem my way.

When I realised that plastic is not only bad when you don’t through it in the bin but also when you do through it in the bin, it is still very bad for the environment. That’s the moment where I started thinking.. Bu why am I still using plastic? Would it be possible to totally avoid it? So I started to search on the internet and then I saw video’s of people living without plastic at all. I decided to do the same, starting step by step. The first step was in the bathroom and like that I went further and further…

Yes most of the time I am travellig alone. I did the Try-out tour in Europe though with a friend of mine from Buenos Aires where I also started a music duo with. But the plan is to do the project alone and of course people will be invited to join for some periods of time!

It is actually not the actual act of not using plastic but it has been a change in mindset. When I started living without plastic there where also a bunch of other doors opening for me for example the one of minimalism. I notice that when first I would walk through a shopping street I would be looking at everything I wanted to buy. No instead I am still enjoying watching things in the shops but those things do not tempt me anymore to buy them because I decided not to buy New stuff anymore and if you deceded that for yourself you have more space to look at other things ‘more important than shopping for example’ in life.