Let me introduce myself

My name is Jorien Timmers (1991) graduated psychologist at the ‘Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam’. (Bachelor of Science) After graduating, I have worked and traveled abroad for a while and have developed this project called ‘Eco Bus America’. The environmental concern on which this project focuses most, is the enormous use of plastic in our societies, and the consequences this has on our planet. Since two years, I live a so-called ‘zero waste’ lifestyle. This means that I use no plastic at all and try to ‘waste’ as little as possible. 

The Goal

The goal of the ‘Eco Bus America’ project is to create awareness about environmental problems such as the ‘excessive’ use of plastic and the consequences of that for our planet and our health. I want to inspire children and adults and help them making the little changes in live that may in turn help us save our endangered planet. Many people know about the problems but do not realize how big they actually are, or feel powerless and do not realize how much positive influence they can actually have on those problems, through ‘small’ changes in their daily lives. We are becoming a lot more aware and more people are doing something about environmental problems. However, the problems that we face today are very serious and are happening at a rapid pace. I think it is very important to take action as quickly as possible and to focus on awareness in combination with providing ideas in a fun and challenging way and teaching about the alternative ways to make a more  environmentally friendly life possible.  

Video Project

This is the video to introduce my project to you. I made it for the crowdfunding campaign I did in the end of 2017. It gives you an impression of the project. There is a lot more recent video’s available on the youtube channel where you can subscribe yourself, as well as for the newsletter of this website. In both cases you will get an email every time there is a new video available. 


I visit schools, cultural centers, festivals, hostels, companies etc. to show children and adults the seriousness of the problems in different ways, but above all to explain how they themselves can contribute to a better world. I want to inspire people in different ways, by giving presentations and workshops about my own life in which I try to waste as little as possible, but also by making music and by showing short films. I do this in many different ways. Check my social media to see where I am at the moment.


music plays an important role in my project. I see it as an indirect way of inspiring people. When I was younger, I had singing clases and since I started my project in South America, I started to pick up the singing again after years. I took a ukulele with me and started to sing Latin- American music with it. For the crowdfunding campaign of this project I made a CD with my Argentinian music duo Guillermo Zocca. The name of our Dúo is ‘Dúo Todo’ that means ‘Dúo everything’.

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